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Alexander Leidinger p=ED=B9e v st 12. 03. 2008 v 11:46 +0100:

> > Only difference I see is that you condition the use of linux mdconfig b=

> > presence of USE_LINUX, I need USE_LINUX_PREFIX, which is more strict, I
> > think.

> The question is now, if USE_LINUX_PREFIX is sufficient. Do we have =20
> ports which install into LOCALBASE and LINUXBASE, and if yes, do they =20
> install libs into LINUXBASE? emulation@ does not own a port which =20

I have did some creative greppery, and there is a dozen or two of ports,
that define INSTALLS_SHLIB together with USE_LINUX, but all also define
USE_LINUX_PREFIX except one offender, games/ssamtse, where I believe
INSTALLS_SHLIB was added bogusly to please portlint warning.

So it should be safe to assume USE_LINUX_PREFIX is enough.

Pav Lucistnik

Logitech is infamous for providing 30 MB compressed driver software
packages that install a bunch of crap applications on the system and
round up the number of icons in the tray to the nearest power of two.
-- Michael Stromberg

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