Quoting Pav Lucistnik (from Wed, 12 Mar 2008 =20
11:15:53 +0100):

> Alexander Leidinger p=C3=AD=C5=A1e v st 12. 03. 2008 v 11:04 +0100:
>> Quoting Pav Lucistnik (from Tue, 11 Mar 2008
>> 23:45:04 +0000 (UTC)):
>> > - Teach USE_LDCONFIG to do the right thing when used with =20

>> >
>> > PR: ports/118212
>> > http://www.FreeBSD.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=3D118212
>> > Original patch: vd
>> > Patch by: pav

>> I would like to know why emulation@ was not in the loop for this.
>> At
>> http://www.leidinger.net/FreeBSD/por...d.port.mk.diff

> I wasn't aware of this patch. Is it mentioned in a PR assigned to
> portmgr anywhere?

No PR. I mentioned it once on emulation@ I think. But it's been a =20
while. I would have expected that a linux related patch would be =20
presented for review on emulation@.

> If I ignore not-ldconfig related changes in your patch, the
> functionality should be equivalent. I do not need to set
> NO_LDCONFIG_MTREE, because that code branch is never reached.


> My code goes like if (linux) { do linux stuff } else { do native stuff }
> Your code went like if (linux) { setup some variables } else { setup
> some variables} endif; do { common stuff }.

Yes (regarding the behavior of my patch).

> Only difference I see is that you condition the use of linux mdconfig by
> presence of USE_LINUX, I need USE_LINUX_PREFIX, which is more strict, I
> think.

It depends upon your point of view:
- we have ports which use USE_LINUX but not USE_LINUX_PREFIX
- every port (except the base ports) needs to use USE_LINUX
(the base ports are very special, we use ldconfig by hand
there anyway)
- Ports which don't install into LINUXBASE have no business
using USE_LDCONFIG (libs which need to be cached for
the run-time linker need to go into LINUXBASE)

So it would be stricter in my point of view to use USE_LINUX. I can =20
understand when you say, that it is stricter by using USE_LINUX_PREFIX =20
(a different point of view).

The question is now, if USE_LINUX_PREFIX is sufficient. Do we have =20
ports which install into LOCALBASE and LINUXBASE, and if yes, do they =20
install libs into LINUXBASE? emulation@ does not own a port which =20
installs into both, but emulation@ does not own all linux ports. The =20
nvidia driver installs into both, but does it _need_ (which is !=3D =20
"use") USE_LDCONFIG (I haven't checked)?

Every port which installs into both locations, needs to use USE_LINUX, =20
but may not use USE_LINUX_PREFIX. So I would say it is at least =20
failsave to make this dependent upon USE_LINUX. It may be beneficial =20
to also check the argument for USE_LDCONFIG in the linux case. Only =20
"yes" (or similar) makes sense here.

BTW: Thanks for working on this, it's on my TODO list for too long.


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