Quoting Pav Lucistnik (from Tue, 11 Mar 2008 =20
23:45:04 +0000 (UTC)):

> - Teach USE_LDCONFIG to do the right thing when used with USE_LINUX_PREF=

> PR: ports/118212 =20
> http://www.FreeBSD.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=3D118212
> Original patch: vd
> Patch by: pav

I would like to know why emulation@ was not in the loop for this.

I have a patch for this too (there's more than just the LDCONFIG =20
part), and it handles this a little bit differently. I hadn't time to =20
analyze the committed patch if it is functionally equivalent, but at =20
least in my patch the mtree stuff for ldconfig is disabled in the =20
linux case. I have to say that I hadn't the time to completely test my =20

Until the behavior of USE_LDCONFIG is not evaluated for linux ports =20
regarding the mtree stuff, I suggest to not convert any linux port to =20
use USE_LDCONFIG. Can anyone of the involved people (pav, vd, maybe =20
bsam?) lend a helping hand with the evaluation of differences between =20
the patches?


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