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On Tue, 19 Feb 2008 18:43:46 +0100; Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote about 'dev.* analogue for interfaces':

> What I propose is to add a similar sysctl tree for interfaces. It would
> look a little different. For instance, some interfaces (bridge, vlan)
> have parents or children, but most don't.

> Just as it is for devices, creation and destruction of the interface's
> sysctl node and context would be hidden inside if_{attach,detach}() and
> completely transparent to the driver, and there will be an API that
> drivers can use if they want to add their own nodes.

> Since interfaces don't all have parents, the API will include a function
> to specify one for those that do.

> This is *not* intended to replace ifconfig; it is intended for infor-
> mation which isn't available through ifconfig and which it wouldn't be
> natural to place there. For instance, every wlan interface already has
> a sysctl tree under net.wlan.

Will this allow to easier do things like adding new features in configuring
per-interface network stack? To not bloat ifconfig, for example, to implement
per-interface output DSCP->CoS map via sysctl subtree.

Also, I'm not sure but think it will help virtualization, multiple routing
tables, VRF and other things which can be bound to interface. So I agree with
general idea, just actual info and position in tree should be discussed.

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