On Sat, 8 Mar 2008, Scott Robbins wrote:

> On Sat, Mar 08, 2008 at 06:51:30AM +0100, Peter Ulrich Kruppa wrote:
>> I am afraid I need some help to set up networking for
>> qemu-0.9.1 on FreeBSD 7.0-STABLE amd64 .

> I did a howto on this awhile back. However, these days, I don't use
> qemu too much, so I'm no longer sure how much of it is still applicable.
> Therefore, untested for months, but it's actually mentioned in the
> pkg-message for qemu.
> http://forums.bsdnexus.com/viewtopic.php?id=1563
> It's untested for some time, but back when 7.0 was CURRENT, it worked
> like a charm, thanks to the help of some folks on this list (who are
> thanked in the howto.)

Thanks a lot, but I still have got the same problems - and you
are right, last summer, or so, everything worked like a charm,
but now it doesn't anymore.

So I still need advice for (today's) 7.0-STABLE


>> As /etc/qemu-ifup (Permissions 755) I use
>> #!bin/sh
>> ifconfig ${1}

> Even with 755 permissions, I don't know if it would work, since it's
> doing ifconfig which will require root privilege. Use sudo in the
> ifconfig part.

I am doing all this as root.



Peter Ulrich Kruppa
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