Hey folks,

Please 'reply-all' as I'm not on the mailing list.

For background, we've got the following setup:

Dell PowerEdge 1650 w/2xP3 1.113GHz 1GB ECC RAM
Dell SCSI ACI Backplane 1x3
2x 73GB Seagate 10K SCSI Drives
1x IDE->CF Converter
1x 1GB CF Card

We loosely followed the instructions over at http://www.ish.com.au/solutions/articles/freebsdzfs
.. There is one key difference to our setup from the ish.com.au
instructions. We are using the CF card for our /bootdir partition to
get the FreeBSD kernel loaded enough to load the ZFS modules. We
don't have a boot record or anything on the two SCSI drives. Our idea
being that, if a drive fails, the CF card and all the boot goodness
stays where it is.

To my point. I ran across the ZFSKnownProblems wiki page which
strongly encourages the reporting of any problems we have. From a
booted system, I issued the 'shutdown now' command to bring the system
down to single-user mode. Issuing a reboot command from this point, I
get the following errors:

Spin lock 0xc0bdca00 (sched lock) held by 0xc3f10c60 (tid 100001) too
panic: spin lock held too long
cpuid = 0

Also, the wiki page claims that ZFS file systems aren't started when
entering single-user mode. We are *not* experiencing this problem.
With the above setup, I am able to successfully enter single-user mode
(4 at boot prompt) and my ZFS file systems are loading without error.
Could this problem be out of date, as the 'workaround' mentioned was
from April of last year?

Hope this helps.
Eric F Crist
Secure Computing Networks

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