On Mon, Mar 03, 2008 at 07:23:59PM -0800, Chris H. wrote:
> Quoting Andy Dills :
> >On Mon, 3 Mar 2008, Chris H. wrote:
> >
> >>Greetings,
> >>I'm having some difficulty working with anything past
> >>It seems impossible to use (create) any addresses on the "loopback"
> >>past
> >>More specifically; I installed rbldnsd from ports, and it worked quite
> >>well on a 6.x install. However, attempting the same config/install on
> >>a 7-RC3 install yields the inability to bind/create, or
> >> for rbldnsd to answer on - all queries are refused. The
> >>same pinging/digging, etc.
> >>
> >>The 2 servers have /exactly/ the same net setups, and DNS/rbldnsd
> >>configs. Yet no joy on the RELENG_7 box. So it /appears/ something
> >>in this area has changed since 6. But I'm unable to discover any
> >>info on it.
> >>
> >>Thank you for all your time and consideration.

> >
> >What subnet mask did you use when creating the (etc) interfaces
> >on lo0?
> >
> >On 7.0-R, I just ifconfig'ed as an alias to lo0 with a subnet
> >mask of, and I was able to bind/listen/accept on it with
> >no problem.

> Indeed. I have several /24's to manage, and alias the bulk of them to
> the NIC on the server(s). But, having /identical/ configurations/setups
> of FreeBSD, and rbldnsd on two different servers; the recent RELENG_6
> server desires/requires no alias on lo0, and happily provides a 127.0.0/24
> While the same setup on a 7-RC3 will only provide Which
> brings me to my original question; What's different on 7 regarding the
> 127.0.0/24 block?

Are you sure it's a /24 you are talking about? My 7.0 disks install here.


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