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> >> I also saw this a couple of days ago (first time for me) on 1 7.0-RCX
> >> (not sure if it was RC1 or RC2, and I can't log in to the machine right
> >> now). This was recently after upgrading it from an older CURRENT from
> >> september.
> >>
> >> The machine is amd64, 4 GB of RAM, with a single three-way mirror pool.

> >
> > With prefetch disabled, arc size upped to 800 megs, and kmem size upped
> > to 1.2 gb (IIRC).

> +1, happened again, this time mysql was the trigger. I'll try with the
> ZIL disabled.

I also saw it again about a day ago. This makes it twice within a few weeks=
after upgrading to 7.0-RCX, after running for months without this problem=20
before that.

*If* this is indicative that the problem was introcuded, it would then put =
somewhere in the 2007-09 - 2008-02 neighborhood. Not sure if other people s=
this prior to 2007-09?

/ Peter Schuller

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