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Serious problems

S Tracker Resp. Description
o ports/114986 gnome when LC_CTYPE is set to zh_CN.UTF-8, many gnome apps w
a ports/117724 gnome Recently updated x11/gdm port ignores $LANG setting in
o ports/118514 gnome [Patch] www/epiphany: Fix plist and add WebKit support
o ports/121094 gnome www/firefox will not start
o ports/121263 gnome www/firefox: Firefox coredumps under FreeBSD 6.3 in Pr
o ports/121279 gnome [patch] - throw warning when

6 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker Resp. Description
o ports/103529 gnome www/seamonkey: enable SVG and Pango font rendering sup
s ports/108364 gnome [patch] x11-toolkits/gtk20: plist problem with icons d
s ports/115023 gnome inconsistency in XML catalog location
o ports/116236 gnome [patch] Shoot yourself in the foot fix for www/firefox
o ports/116263 gnome x11-toolkits/gtk20: reduce X deps
o ports/118129 gnome sysutils/tracker core dumps on startup on amd64
o ports/118133 gnome mail/evolution: email crashes when sorting by Subject
o ports/118512 gnome [New port] www/webkit-gtk
o ports/119050 gnome audio/gnome-media 2.20.1 gnome-cd player widgets look
o ports/119892 gnome nautilus stops responding when trying to access smbfs
o ports/120053 gnome [PATCH] x11-wm/sawfish: Update to 1.3.2

11 problems total.

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