On Mon, Mar 03, 2008 at 08:01:56AM +0100, gregoryd.freebsd@free.fr wrote:

> So what do you propose to use as workstations with your FreeBSD servers ?
> (Not that I see much difference in philosophy, nowadays: servers used to be
> those machines with high throughput all along the night, and now they tend to be
> those over-reactive transactional n-tier service-providers. What's so different
> with serving desktop-user requests... Sigh.)
> Anyway: are you deliberately proposing to concentrate on server, period. And to
> hell with other users (if one can use FreeBSD to be desktop-productive so much
> the better, but we shouldn't put too much effort in that) ?

Do we really need another MacOS X? :-) Just kidding.

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