I've prepared a FreeBSD qemu-devel port update, as already mentioned
on the freebsd-emulation list, and found the FreeBSD 7.0/amd64 isos
now pagefault repeatedly, saying:

panic: page fault
cpuid = 0
kernel trap 12 with interrupts disabled

Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
cpuid = 0; apic id = 00
fault virtual address = 0x20
fault code = supervisor read data, page not present
instruction pointer = 0x8:0xffffffff8046c704
trap number = 12
frame pointer = 0x10:0x0

0xffffffff8046c704 in the 7.0-RELEASE kernel used on the isos is
in _thread_lock_flags:

(kgdb) disassemble _thread_lock_flags
Dump of assembler code for function _thread_lock_flags:
0xffffffff8046c6e0 <_thread_lock_flags+0>: push %r14
0xffffffff8046c6e2 <_thread_lock_flags+2>: mov %rdi,%r14
0xffffffff8046c6e5 <_thread_lock_flags+5>: push %r13
0xffffffff8046c6e7 <_thread_lock_flags+7>: push %r12
0xffffffff8046c6e9 <_thread_lock_flags+9>: push %rbp
0xffffffff8046c6ea <_thread_lock_flags+10>: push %rbx
0xffffffff8046c6eb <_thread_lock_flags+11>: mov %gs:0x0,%r13
0xffffffff8046c6f4 <_thread_lock_flags+20>: xor %r12d,%r12d
0xffffffff8046c6f7 <_thread_lock_flags+23>: callq 0xffffffff8071df80
0xffffffff8046c6fc <_thread_lock_flags+28>: mov (%r14),%rbp
0xffffffff8046c6ff <_thread_lock_flags+31>: mov $0x4,%eax
0xffffffff8046c704 <_thread_lock_flags+36>: lock cmpxchg %r13,0x20(%rbp)
0xffffffff8046c70a <_thread_lock_flags+42>: sete %al
0xffffffff8046c70d <_thread_lock_flags+45>: test %al,%al
0xffffffff8046c70f <_thread_lock_flags+47>: jne 0xffffffff8046c799 <_thread_lock_flags+185>
0xffffffff8046c715 <_thread_lock_flags+53>: mov 0x20(%rbp),%rdx
0xffffffff8046c719 <_thread_lock_flags+57>: cmp %r13,%rdx
0xffffffff8046c71c <_thread_lock_flags+60>: je 0xffffffff8046c7cd <_thread_lock_flags+237>
0xffffffff8046c722 <_thread_lock_flags+66>: callq 0xffffffff8071c4e0
---Type to continue, or q to quit---
0xffffffff8046c727 <_thread_lock_flags+71>: jmp 0xffffffff8046c73c <_thread_lock_flags+92>
0xffffffff8046c729 <_thread_lock_flags+73>: data16

so this looks like either %rbp is indeed zero or that cmpxchg insn isnt
getting correctly translated. If you want to reproduce just boot the 35 MB
7.0-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.iso in qemu-system-x86_64 (without kqemu); you
can find mirrors via
(search for isos, amd64 architecture, I used 7.0 as you can see.)

Oh, if you want to look at the live kernel you can boot the
7.0-RELEASE-amd64-livefs.iso in 0.9.1 with the previously mentioned
patch (see
), select fixit->cdrom in the menu that comes up after choosing
the keyboard layout, and run `kgdb /dist/boot/kernel/kernel /dev/mem'.

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