Matthew Seaman wrote:
> wrote:
> >> On behalf of the FreeBSD Project thanks for your interest in FreeBSD.
> >> We hope you enjoy the new release.

> >
> > I've just spent the whole morning installing it on my office desktop.
> >
> > It was an awful experience: installing packages from the three CDs kept making
> > me switch from one CD to the other then to the previous one before the next one
> > again...
> > All in all about twenty-times !!! (sometimes just for ONE package, for Christ's
> > sake !)
> > It was particularly annoying, especially with those Linux guys around sneering
> > when comparing it to their smooth install.

> People in the know, and those with reasonable network bandwidth, generally
> use either the 'boot only' or just the 'disk 1' CDs to install a pretty
> minimal system, and then install packages, run cvsup, use freebsd updates
> etc. from the net. It's a whole lot smoother than juggling CDs.
> Cheers,
> Matthew

[ A shame about the package disc jockey effect, & if anyone has
time to fix it, great, but meantime ... ] Some of those facing a
big package install sequence won't have net access (desert island
effect : security firewall locked tight / high coms cost etc ) ..
solution for them :
Minimal install as Matthew suggested, then load all cdroms
on hard disc, all packages in one directory, then run
sysinstall or pkg_install from multi user base.

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