Le Thursday 28 February 2008 13:18:30 Kris Kennaway, vous avez écrit*:

> freebsd update requires a known state to upgrade from, i.e. so it can
> apply the right set of diffs to bring your system from one known state
> to another. This basically means "previously installed from the release
> media and only updated using freebsd update".

I have installed FreeBSD from a «release media» a long time ago ( RELENG_5 ),
and, of course, updated it from the sources.
so, now, there is no way to use this script to update my box ?

> If you previously did an update using cvsup to go from 6.3-RELEASE to
> some unknown point in 6.3-STABLE then you can just do another cvsup to
> go to 7.0

i did; i am running 7.0-STABLE now.

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