At 13.49 26/02/2008, Bill Totman wrote:
>While I am not running FreeBSD and I am running my Debian installation on a
>T31 I think I have the same video card and have found a great xorg
>configuration that actually uses OpenGL (if that's not a problem).
>Here it is attached to the email.
>Watchout though, unless you use the Dvorak keyboard layout YOU WILL HAVE TO
>CHANGE THE KEYBOARD SETTINGS... but only if you wish to use your

keyboard and

Hi, thanks all for the kind reply.
But things are not working :-(

Also this xorg.conf doesn't work.

Can be a FreeBSD (7.0 ?) related problem ?

It works quite well (as I wrote) with xfree and freebsd 4.11 .

But there is not anyone here that _still_ use this laptop :-) ?

Best Regards,
Gianmarco Giovannelli , "Unix expert since yesterday"

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