Hi everyone,
I have just installed freebsd7.0 and I installed the wpi drivers for
the intel 3945abg wireless card.

(i386, freebsd7.0-RELEASE)

Everything works fine, i can actually connect without any problem, but
I can't turn off and on the transmitter!
I have a Dell inspiron 6400 and there isn't an hardware switch.
I'm supposed to turn the radio on and off using fn+f2 but on bsd the
fn key doesn't do anything.

If I restart the computer from windows with the wireless on when I
start bsd it finds the transmitter on and I can connect to my network.
But when shutting down bsd it turns off the radio and when rebooting I
don't know how to turn the transmitter on.

I didn't find anything on google.
I tried something like sysctl dev.wpi.0.radio=1 but for this
driver .radio doesn't exist!
How am I supposed to do?

Thank you!