Dag-Erling Sm=F8rgrav wrote:
> "Bruce M. Simpson" writes:
> =20
>> * Do you mean to say that IMUNES/vimage has expanded beyond merely
>> wrapping the network stack and virtualizing that?
>> If this is the case (it introduces some new virtualization technique
>> on par with the functionality of e.g. Xen) then I outright DISAGREE
>> with its introduction into the source tree on the grounds that it's
>> too experimental.
>> =20

> Well, it's only been discussed and developed and presented at every
> single BSD conference for the last, oh, three years or so, so yes, it's=

> obviously highly immature and experimental code.
> =20

My point above was referring to the ambiguity present in Julian's
message to the list, which seemed to suggest the remit of vimage had
increased beyond network virtualization.

How often a given topic is discussed is not analogous to in-depth
testing. Surely someone as experienced as yourself is aware of this. Are
you sure you read my message fully before responding to this thread?

> I'll have my virtual bikeshed blue, if you please.
> =20

I observe that your definition of the term bikeshed seems very subjective=

Nothing wrong with "Are you sure Y/N", to my mind, and if one further
re-reads this thread, one will see that there are issues around vimage
which have had to be teased out from others, and addressed, which Marko
has already responded to.


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