Hi all:

I'm trying to get vmware3 working on FreeBSD RELEASE 7.0 for i386
I've resolved every compilation problem except one:
the driver.c in vmware3 requires the "avail_end" variable
in 6.2's /usr/include/machine/pmap.h
but is missing from 7.0's /usr/include/machine/pmap.h

The vmware3 code goes like this:

r = malloc(sizeof *r, M_DEVBUF, M_WAITOK);
if (r == NULL) return ENOMEM;
high = trunc_page(ISA_DMA_BOUNCE_THRESHOLD);
high = trunc_page(avail_end);

It turns out "avail_end" was removed from /usr/include/machine/pmap.h
by revision 1.125, whose commit message reads:

The global variable avail_end is redundant and only used once.
Eliminate it. Make avail_start static to the pmap on amd64.
(It no longer exists on other architectures.)

So it appears that we can still get the value represented by
the old avail_end variable, but I don't know anything about the kernel
and I don't understand that comment. Could some kind soul help me
decipher that so I can try to get vmware3 compilable again?

Thank you!

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