Forrest Aldrich wrote:
> I recently updated my existing 6.x systems to 7.0. Excited to see ZFS
> support, after looking through the current documentation, it doesn't
> appear we can use ZFS as the / filesystem, or am I mistaken (or is that
> even advisable). The sysinstall doesn't seem to provide you with the
> option for ZFS on the newly created partitions. So I could have / as
> UFS2 and /usr (et al) as ZFS.
> Could someone clarify? Perhaps I missed something in the documentation.
> Thanks.

You need to have /boot on a UFS partition, and then in /boot/loader.conf
you can have something like


so that the root filesystem is in ZFS. I doubt sysinstall supports any
of that, you'll have to do it manually. There's a wiki page describing
some of this.

I've had good luck putting /boot on a CompactFlash device, and
dedicating the entire regular harddisk(s) to ZFS (no slices or

glabeling the disks before putting them into a ZFS pool seems to be a
good idea too - that way they have a fixed name you can refer to that
doesn't change if they get moved to different physical ports.

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