On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 10:41:07PM +0100, Ulf Lilleengen wrote:
> On fre, feb 29, 2008 at 03:04:58pm -0500, Forrest Aldrich wrote:
> > I recently updated my existing 6.x systems to 7.0. Excited to see ZFS
> > support, after looking through the current documentation, it doesn't appear
> > we can use ZFS as the / filesystem, or am I mistaken (or is that even
> > advisable). The sysinstall doesn't seem to provide you with the option
> > for ZFS on the newly created partitions. So I could have / as UFS2 and
> > /usr (et al) as ZFS.
> >
> > Could someone clarify? Perhaps I missed something in the documentation.
> >

> Hi,
> You can use ZFS for the root filesystem, but you cannot boot from it yet.
> Guides for how to set up ZFS and what's supported can be found here:
> http://wiki.freebsd.org/ZFS
> Sysinstall doesn't support ZFS yet, so you'll have to do some tricks after
> install to get ZFS up and running. Remember, the support is experimental. But
> I definately recommend to give it a try

I'll take a moment to remind the OP that he should read the Known
Problems/Issues page before deciding to do something as risky as put the
root filesystem on ZFS.


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