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Chuck Robey wrote:
> Ben Kaduk wrote:
>> cat nvidia_load="YES"" >> /boot/loader.conf

> I'd never heard that about it needing absolutely to load at boot time, but
> you were absolutely right, I have it working now.
> It also made my loading problem (I don't know if I complained on hackers
> about that or not). No, in looking back to by send-cache, I don't think I
> did, Immediately after I finally got all my raid array proboems fixed, I
> found really that there was only 1 remaining: booting my raid.
> I have definitely the boot-manager loaded onto ad1 (my 100G emergency eide
> disk) and da0 (my raid). I normally would strike f1 to load the eide for
> emergencies, and f5, then f1, to load from the raid. Well, now, no matter
> what I press, I load from the eide disk. If I intercept the boot at the
> beastie menu, and press 6 to get into the loader, I find currdev is
> _always_ set to disk1s1a (the eide, ad1). If I want to boot the raid, I
> need to manually do a "set currdev=disk2s1a" then unload, then load the
> kernel AND manually load all the modules, because loder.conf isn't getting
> read either.
> Once I went thru all that, the nvidia driver worked fine, as you predicted,
> any notion why the loading has gone screwey? I can add one thing: When I
> initially installed the system, I was just coming back from using Linux for
> some years, and I forgot that while Linux is in love with using a small
> /boot partition to store the kernels and the bootloader, FreeBSD isn't. I
> had stuck the /boot only onto da1s1d, with my root onto da0s1a. I was
> loading my root via /etc/fstab, I thought, but in fact, I had an old
> version of a just-useable boot onto myu da1s1a, and that was what was
> actually booting. When I got rid of the /boot mount line in fstab, and
> expected things to work ok, this odd refusal to correctly boot from
> disk2s1a began.

Well, found 50% of the problems, my device,hints had a line mis-setting
currdev, once I fixed that, it now boots from the right disk. One booting
problem remaining: it won't read my /boot/loader.conf. simple file, 2
whole lines:

TCSH-april:chuckr:~:#101-12:50>cat /boot/loader.conf

that's all, but when (in the loader, preboot) I execute the read-conf
command to force it to read the file, it comes back with a syntax error,
saying exactly this:


That's it, the single (double) quote, and a caret in column 1 beneath that.
Noting else. Could it maybe be something to do with what zi have in
rc.conf? I have a line in rc.conf, linux_enable="YES", that's ok along
with the loader line, right?

> Any idea here? Booting is a real drag now.
> thanks!
>> -Ben Kaduk

>>> OK, I'm not giving my ldconfig problem to you folks, its quite likely its a
>>> FreeBSD-current problem, so let those folks handle that one.
>>> Boy, I feel like the little boy who cried wolf!

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