> running a RELENG_7/amd64 as of 2008-Feb-22 with the re(4) driver from
> the URLs above. As a precaution, I disabled all kinds of hardware
> offloadings.

....and it is stable for you ? I will defintely go and turn these off in
that case! Also, I note your are runnign RELENG_7 and not RELENG_7_0 - any
idea what changes there might have been in that ?

One of the things I thought about trying was enabling polling, and also
possibly turning off MSI and going back to regular interrupts. But
these are just wild stabs in the dark as I am assuming that it is losing
connectivity due to it losing signaling back to the kernel somehow. WHich
is a total guess.

> After almost one week uptime, the machine is still stable. Before it
> started lossing packets after very few hours uptime. I'm wondering if
> this is related to the options I disabled, so I'm interested in your
> settings.

This is extermely interesting! I have applied those settings by hand just
now, and will see if it helps. Not quite sure how to get them
into rc.conf yet - I am using ipv4_addrs_re0=""
and am not sure how an ifconfig_re0 line might interact with it as yet.
I dont want to edit rc.conf in case it reboots...

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