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I had a problem with my raid array, and during a fix, I noticed that a
thing I'd gotten very used to during my time running Linux was a really
bad thing for FreeBSD (the usage of a /boot partition for booting only, to
store the kernel, but nothing else). Well, after I had reloaded my raid,
and fixed the /boot to be one nice big parition, I have a several very
weird things that have cropped up.

First one, I'd kept a 100G IDE disk hanging around just in case I hadn't
installed the raid right, so I could use it for backup, and this saved me,
but now, it no longer boots right. I used to either hit F1 (to boot the
100G IDE, called ad1, ad0 being a cdrom), or I would hit F5 then F1, to
boot from the raid, called da0. Well, now, no matter what Function key I
hit, it boots from ad1 regardless, and the only way I can boot the raid is
the use the #6 option of the beastie menu (to catch the ld cli) and set
currdev to disk2s1a, unload, load, then boot. This works fine, but howcome
I can't just get it to boot without all this intervention?

I have already tried reloading the boot manager into both ad1s1 and da0s1,
no change.

Well, the other thing that's come up, I can't get my nvidia driver to work
along with xorg. It used to show it's arrival both in kldstat, AND also
because, in /dev, a file named nvidiactl would show up. This has stopped
happening. I had been using the old version 100.14.19, and when I checked
the nvidia website, it seems a couple of newer versions had appeared, so I
downloaded and built version 169.12. Don't ask me why the crazy version
numbering, I looked around for something like a changelog, but had no luck.
Anyhow, updating to the newer version wasn't too hard, but didn't show any
change. Consulting the /var/log/Xorg.0.log file, even though kldstat says
that nvidia.ko is loaded, it never shows a /dev/nvidiactl, and the log file
says clearly that it never finds the Nvidia kernel module. Using it with
Vesa lets me limp, so I do that, but howcome?

OK, I'm not giving my ldconfig problem to you folks, its quite likely its a
FreeBSD-current problem, so let those folks handle that one.

Boy, I feel like the little boy who cried wolf!
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