It seems that hal gets confused by some "g" things.
For example, I have two slices on my hdd: s1 and s2.
s1 contains "primary" filesystems, s2 contains gmirror counter-part for
s1a and gjournal journals for s1d and s1e.
In the end, it's hard to say to which slice belongs a gmirror using s1a
and s2a as underlying providers. Probably to none. But hal insists on
rooting everything into a strict hierarchy and it seems that it does a
poor job at qualifying such GEOM configurations.
Please find lshal output here:
I used hal-device-manager to visualize the topology.

exact info:
ad4s1 and ad4s2a are combined into gmirror named rootfs
ad4s1d is data provide and ad4s2d is journal provider for ad4s1d.journal
ditto for 'e'

And, for example, hal qualifies ad4s2d (journal provider) as a parent of
ad4s1d.journal (the 'gjournal-ed' partition).
Andriy Gapon
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