Teemu Korhonen wrote:
> Did anyone find a solution to the "jerky mouse" -problem? It still
> exists in 7.0-RELEASE.
> I have pretty much exact same symptoms as in this post:
> http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/f...ry/039599.html

Part of the problem here is that these "symptoms" are far too generic
for diagnosis and have a variety of known and unknown causes.

Some of the "known" causes include:

* Overloading the system transiently (e.g. if your KDE launches 30
processes at once, the system is going to be a bit sluggish for a few

* Running powerd, which has poor interaction with interrupt delivery on
at least one user's system (might be an ACPI issue or hardware-specific).

* Performing lots of I/O to a non-mpsafe filesystem like msdosfs.

The other causes have so far resisted understanding.


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