Clifton Royston wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 02:39:35PM +0000, Chris wrote:
>> On 28/02/2008, Krassimir Slavchev wrote:
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>>> Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
>>>> On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 11:15:30PM -0800, Doug Hardie wrote:
>>>>> I have just installed 7.0 on some new hardware. Have never tried earlier
>>>>> versions. There are a couple of unexpected items that I do not understand.
>>>>> 2. I have 2 SATA drives in the system. The first is recognized as ad10
>>>>> and the second as ad12. I expected to see ad0 and ad1.

> ...
>>>> Thus, never expect the adX devices to "start with 0".
>>> If you want adX devices to "start with 0" just remove 'options
>>> ATA_STATIC_ID' from the kernel config file but be very carefully if you
>>> change hardware!

> ...
>> Ahh thats useful, on the occasions I have remotely installed freebsd
>> over linux I have always failed due to incorrectly guessing the hd id
>> and as such a wrong fstab, if I know it will always be ad0 and ad1 and
>> so on it makes this much easier.

> And if you ever add a second drive, and it happens to be detected
> first, expect a lot of work getting things working again. There are
> good reasons for doing it this way, though you do get a choice.

This is the fstab of my notebook:

# Device Mountpoint FStype Options Dump Pass#
/dev/label/2swap none swap sw 0 0
/dev/ufs/2root / ufs rw 1 1
/dev/ufs/2tmp /tmp ufs rw,async 2 2
/dev/ufs/2usr /usr ufs rw 2 2
/dev/ufs/2var /var ufs rw 2 2

I can take out the HD and boot from it via USB-adaptor or put it into another
machine. It all doesn't matter, I don't care about device IDs at all. The geom
label class has made life much easier.

You only have to label the partitions with "tunefs -L" and the swap partition
with "glabel label".
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