Andriy Gapon wrote:
> on 26/02/2008 21:23 Pav Lucistnik said the following:
>> Pav Lucistnik p*še v út 05. 02. 2008 v 19:16 +0100:
>>> Andriy Gapon p*še v út 05. 02. 2008 v 16:40 +0200:
>>>>> Yay, and can you fix the sequential read performance while you're at it?
>>>>> Kthx!
>>>> this was almost trivial :-)
>>>> See the attached patch, first hunk is just for consistency.
>>>> The code was borrowed from cd9660, only field/variable names are adjusted.

>> Just tested it with my shiny new Bluray drive, and it work wonders.
>> Finally seamless playback of media files off UDF carrying media.
>> So, how does it look WRT committing it?

> Pav,
> thank you for the feedback/reminder.
> In my personal option the latest patch posted and described at the
> following like is a very good candidate for commit:
> It might have a couple of style related issues, but it should improve
> things a bit even if some larger VM/VFS/GEOM issues remain.
> And by the way, a patch from the following PR would be a good
> "side-dish" for the above patch:
> I think it is simple and obvious enough.

I will commit both of these to CVS today. Thanks again.


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