Hi everyone,
I'm a BSD beginner. I have updated the kernel from 6.3 to 7.0-RC2
(when I started the upgrade RELEASE still wasn't available)
I have followed the instruction on
Upgraded ruby, then ruby18.
Then I sarted upgrading everything else with portupgrade -af.
I had some problem with X subpackages so now I can't google while I'm
experiencing the problems.
Everything else went fine, I have gcc4.2 now.
At the beginning I didn't have compat6x to provide some libs needed by
some packages and that was the error at the beginning, but after
installing them I started experiencing "cannot allocat red zone for
initial thread" while upgrading the remaining ports with portupgrade -

I have seen on older posts that the solution is tipically to
do:"portupgrade -af" but what if that doesn't work?

Thank you.