Dag-Erling Sm=F8rgrav wrote at 14:58 +0100 on Feb 28, 2008:
> "Simon L. Nielsen" writes:
> > John Polstra has made a script (Fixtags) for it which we use for the=

> > FreeBSD repository. I don't think he has any problems with it being=

> > distributed, but as it doesn't have a copyright statement i just wan=

> > to ask before I distribute it...

> =

> Uh... I wrote a replacement for that in 2001 (~des/bin/fixtags.pl).
> I'm surprised you still use John's version, which is excruciatingly
> slow, since 1) it's a shell script, 2) it's a *recursive* shell script=

> 3) it runs rcs twice for every modified tag.
> =

> My version was under 3-clause BSD; I just switched it to 2-clause.

Sounds nice. But for those of us aren't in the club and don't have a
freefall account (or wherever home dirs reside these days) ... ?
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