On Thursday 28 February 2008 16:27:41 Dag-Erling Sm=C3=B8rgrav wrote:
> Marko Zec writes:
> > Actually the patch provides certain level of support for
> > virtualizing leaf sysctl nodes. So far I have only introduced
> > macros for methods / data types that I've found necessary to
> > virtualize, such as SYSCTL_V_OID, SYSCTL_V_STRING, SYSCTL_V_INT,
> > and SYSCTL_V_PROC. [...]

> Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for. Now all we need is a
> way to start a vimage with hw.machine and hw.machine_arch set to a
> vimage-specific value...

So your question opens up a pandora's box... Obviously it's trivial to=20
virtualize a sysctl, but I still don't have a clear idea on what would=20
be the most convenient way of specifying start-up constraints or=20
parameters when instatiating a new vimage. At the moment each=20
virtualized variable is initialized to some system-wide compiled in=20
constant - we need to come up with a much more flexible / configurable=20

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