on 28/02/2008 11:59 Pav Lucistnik said the following:
> Andriy Gapon píše v čt 28. 02. 2008 v 10:33 +0200:
> And while I have your attention, I have a related question.
> I have produced a bunch of ISO9660 Level 3 / UDF hybrid media with
> mkisofs, and when I mount the UDF part of them, the mount point (root
> directory of media) have 0x000 permissions. Yes that's right, d---------
> in ls -l. That makes the whole volume inaccessible for everyone except
> root.
> Is this something you can mend in our UDF driver, or should I go dig
> inside mkisofs guts? Windows handle these media without any visible
> problems.

I think this ought to be something in mkisofs, last I checked our code
was fully conforming to the specs in this regard.
And obviously it works with windoz, because it simply ignores the
permissions :-)
We might consider adding a fixup for such broken media (if my assessment
is correct), but I'd rather prefer that it is fixed at the source.

Andriy Gapon
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