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Andriy Gapon p=ED=B9e v =E8t 28. 02. 2008 v 10:33 +0200:

And while I have your attention, I have a related question.

I have produced a bunch of ISO9660 Level 3 / UDF hybrid media with
mkisofs, and when I mount the UDF part of them, the mount point (root
directory of media) have 0x000 permissions. Yes that's right, d---------
in ls -l. That makes the whole volume inaccessible for everyone except

Is this something you can mend in our UDF driver, or should I go dig
inside mkisofs guts? Windows handle these media without any visible

Pav Lucistnik

How will you recognize experienced hacker from beginner?
Beginner thinks that kilobyte have 1000 bytes.
Experienced hacker thinks one kilometer have 1024 meters.

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