I see the following when I connect to the universitys wlan with
7.0-PRERELEASE and if_ath0:

I associate to a wlan using wpa_supplicant. There are several base
stations for the same network around. First-time association works a bit
slow but otherwise well, but then, after a while (quite frequently),
something initiates a rescan, and the connections drops for some time.
The laptops position was not changed during that time.

Then, most of the time, things fix themselves and the interface
reassociates, but this can take sme time. If I issue "ifconfig ath0" a
few times during one of those dropouts, I can see different channels
being tried, and also sometimes my ssid is shown, sometimes no ssid is
shown during scanning.


1) what is causing these deassociate/scan/reassociate cycles?
2) why is it unsetting the ssid, when I explicitly set it in wpa_conf?
2) how can I stop this (i.e. keep the current connection after initial

Thanks a lot,
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