On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 11:33:13AM +0100, Björn König wrote:
> someone you may already have played with SableVM (java/sablevm), a fast
> and small Java virtual machine. Most likely you noticed poor stability,
> i.e. segmentation faults and unexpected behaviour. These failures were
> caused by libffi and persisted as long as the port exists. I fixed the
> libffi port and as far as I can say it works without problems.

Thanks for that! I have been interested in SableVM for a while, and used it long ago, but
it hasn't worked on my amd64 machine, ever. I'm keen to try it. Is it still being
developed or maintained? For a while the main web site wasn't available, and there was
some talk about it merging into the Apache JVM project, but I don't know what's happened,

> Hereby I like to announce that SableVM works quite nice on i386 and amd64
> now and I would like to receive some feedback. Please test sablevm-1.13_1
> with libffi-3.0.1.

The SableVM itself appears to have built OK from ports, but the classpath did not install
properly. I've just submitted a PR about it:



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