Csaba Henk wrote:

> Well, I just started to work on a from scratch FUSE daemon library.
> The story is as follows: I wanted to put together a FUSE interface to
> sysctls, and I started it from scratch (so that it shall be clean
> licensing-wise, and for the fun of it). Then as things evolved, the
> generic code was distilled out to a library I named "folly", while the
> actual work on the sysctl fs has stalled. As a proof-of-concept I also
> wrote an userspace nullfs using libfolly.
> So I think: fuse4bsd (ie, the kld + the mount util) + libfolly + sysctl
> fs could go to base under BSD license. It also might make sense to rebase
> ntfs-3g atop of folly -- although it won't help ntfs-3g being GPL'd.

Just for clarification: libfolly is the userland part to the kernel
fuse4bsd interface; it implements the original FUSE API? So, in general,
it should allow the use of 3rd party FUSE components by changing
"-lfuse" to "-lfolly"? (what about include files?)

Offtopic: Have you seen NetBSD's PUFFS?

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