Thomas Vogt wrote:
> Ian FREISLICH wrote:
> > The system is amd64 SMP. The last kernel I have that works is
> > 7-CURRENT(i386) circa July last year. Does anyone know whether
> > amd64 is the issue, or whether the aac driver has just dropped
> > support for aaccli or if there is a newer aaccli available from
> > Adaptec? Or, has Adaptec just dropped FreeBSD support?

> Try ports/sysutils/arcconf. It should work with most adaptec
> controllers. Unfortantly you have to install adaptecs kernel module to
> use all feature with arcconf. I guess apdatecs kernel moduls are only
> available for 6.x (32/64bit).

That's a pity. I need write access to configure the device from
the OS. arconf appears to run, but it never exits once it reports
"Command completed successfully".

Maybe you or someone can recomend a RAID controller that works with
FreeBSD that has support for OS level interaction and configuration.


Ian Freislich

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