TooMany Secrets wrote:
> On 2/3/08, Sepherosa Ziehau wrote:
>> Please test the patch posted in this PR:

> This patch works fine... but only for a few minutes :-(
> If I open a ftp connection (local, with another computer in lan),
> start downlading anything but after 5-8 seconds, the connections
> become very slow, more slow and then is like stop it. After this, if I
> try to make a ping to anything (from freebsd to any machine or vice
> versa), the host appears down.
> There is nothing message in /var/log about this, also in dmesg. And
> the unique modules in system are "kernel", "acpi", "linux" and
> "logo_saver".
> Anybody could help me, please?

Some questions: Which version of FreeBSD are you running?
How do you recover? For example:
ifconfig bge0 down; ifconfig bge0 up
or what?

I tested to ftp a file from my laptop and back again (around 400 MB)
and couldn't see any problems, but I'm running at 6.3R.


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