Chuck Robey wrote:
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> Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> > Chuck Robey wrote:
> >> Well, my first question is, does there exist a tool for USB that let's you
> >> view the raw return from the usb probing? I want to see what this device
> >> is actually identifying itself as. Actual numeric vendor IDs and product
> >> IDs are the sort of thing I'm after. Something a whole lot more detailed
> >> that usbdevs, please. Even the dmesg listing (as I show above) hasn't got
> >> the numbers and tails I need.

> >
> > Hi Chuck,
> > On list (A mostly Linux using
> > crownd though not just, some BSD) They mostly seem to rec. some
> > (free I assume) MS$ comparible .exe prog for snatching USB traffic
> > to then analyse / develop for *IX drivers. I don't remember prog name,
> > but
> > Julian

> Thanks much for the URL, I will definitely look it up. I'm a bit surprised
> that the SANE folks, who I took to be scanner-oriented, should be
> interested in graphic tablets.

Err, they're not far as I know, but they often seem to want to grab
byte streams on scanners to then analyse for Sane. I guess what
one wants to later use the grabbed traffic for doesnt matter, so
long as one has the traffic grabbed for analysis ?

> Is it a feeling of the usb kernel developers involved that thjey ....

Maybe current@ or usb@ might know more than hackers@

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