Hi @List,

i have tryed out the new coretemp driver for Intel Core CPU's
my cpu is an T2400 Intel Core (w/o Duo).
i have csup'ed the stable build from cvsup.uk.freebsd.org at this night.
then built the entire system via sources ( with ULE-Scheduler, might
this causes the stall?)
then load the coretemp.ko with kldload and try to quest the temperature wit=
sysctl -a|grep temperature....
after this, i put coretemp_load=3D"YES" to my /boot/loader.conf
up to this point all things are very good ( and the new release seems
to me faster then 6.2)
now with an new buildworld with
cd /usr/src; make -j 8 buildworld >& ~/fbsd/mw.out &
and in another xterm a sysctl -a |grep temp causes
the system stalls. this error ist reproducable many times.

now i have tryed the sysctl -a|grep temp during an buildworld w/o
the coretemp module loaded and the system runs stable.

i hope this informations help to fix.



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