> Metin KAYA writes:
>> Yes Rick, I'm asking this "indefinitely" issue. Is there anything that
>> handle this NULL situation a signal, or etc.? How does Linux or
>> FreeBSD behave?

> Please don't top-post.

> Like most other system calls that block "indefinitely", select(2) will
> be interrupted by signals. This is *also* documented in the man page
> you didn't read:

> [EINTR] A signal was delivered before the time limit expired
> and before any of the selected events occurred.

> See sigaction(2) for details on how to modify the way system calls
> behave when a signal is delivered.


Thanks. I've read select_tut(2) man page in FC8 but there is no such
explanation about EINTR, so don't mind my this mistake.

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