Yes Rick, I'm asking this "indefinitely" issue. Is there anything
that handle this NULL situation a signal, or etc.? How does Linux or
FreeBSD behave?

> On Thu, Jan 03, 2008 at 08:52:48PM +0200, Metin KAYA wrote:
>> How select(2) will behave if I give the "utimeout" parameter as
>> NULL?

> According to the man page:

> If timeout is not a null pointer, it specifies the maximum interval to
> wait for the selection to complete. System activity can lengthen the
> interval by an indeterminate amount.

> If timeout is a null pointer, the select blocks indefinitely.

> To effect a poll, the timeout argument should not be a null pointer, but
> it should point to a zero-valued timeval structure.

> -- Rick C. Petty

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