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On Fri, Nov 16, 2007 at 08:31:04PM -0500, Adam McDougall wrote:
> I am beginning to dabble with NFSv4 client functionality. I noticed
> idmapd is not built in -stable but it has been in -current since src/sbin=

> v. 1.163 (13 months ago). Should it be hooked up to the build? Thanks

At the time I was looking at it in -current, idmapd worked fine but the
client had serious issues (nothing on an NFSv4 mount could be executed,
for instance) which I couldn't track down, so I stopped working with it.

I think that hooking up idmapd could be a good thing to do in order to
expose those problems, but I'm concerned that it may give the impression
that our NFSv4 client is any use, which it appears not to be (at least
13 months ago; apologies if this is not longer the case).

That must be wonderful! I don't understand it at all.
-- Moliere

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