On Thu, 15 Nov 2007, Robert Watson wrote:

> 7.0 is a .0 release, but I think it's also a really strong .0 release.
> While I might hesitate to recommend ZFS in less experimental settings, I
> feel that the 7.0 kernel will prove to be one of our most stable, not to
> mention most performant, .0 releases to date. I would encourage people to
> try it out and see how it goes for them, but as with all new releases, to do
> it with adequate caution and a fallback plan in the event you run into
> something that hasn't been found or addressed in testing to date.

And as a last followup to this: please do run our betas, especially on test
servers or servers that fail over -- we won't be able to fix problems we don't
hear about, so if you can help us exercise 7.0 now, we can get these things
fixed for 7.0 rather than for 7.1 :-). Even if you're just booting up and
installing on a spare box and banging it with your web load and mysql load,
that sort of testing is invaluable. Breadth of testing is very important to
help even out the release.

Robert N M Watson
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge
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