Chris H. wrote:

> I was recently able to find a small window in my workload. So I decided to
> use it to provide the "non-bogus" information needed. After reading:
> and:
> a few days ago, I was only unclear on one point in setting up the required
> environment. So I posted my question to the list "dumpdev question
> (probably stupid)"
> which Andrey V. Elsukov immediately responded to.
> I'll be creating a Crash Dump in the next couple of days. So if it's not
> already
> abundantly clear that this is the first time I've attempted to produce this
> information - now would be the perfect time to /enlighten/ me as to
> anything you
> can think of that will ensure you get the information you're looking
> for.
> Thank you again for your reply.

I think that document explains everything that is necessary, but if you
are unsure about something please feel free to ask. Good luck


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