> On Sun, 28 Oct 2007, Brett Glass wrote:
>> I would like to request that some useful work on networking be MFCed from
>> -CURRENT to -STABLE in time for the release of FreeBSD 6.3.

> The thing that's worried me, following only stable@freebsd.org traffic,
> were the reports about the new em driver (6.6.6?) causing hangs and other
> problems with people who have been updating RELENG_6 - have those who had
> those problems seen their issues resolved? I've got remote boxes using
> em that I can't risk making inaccessible and can't test locally.

All my problems with watchdog timeouts and em 6.6.6 occurred when em
shared interrupt with USB but I don't know if it's MB, em or usb that's the
problem. Removing USB from the kernel or switching to polling and the
driver works just fine.

The fact that one of my test machines didn't have any problems was because
it had no USB in it's kernel. I had removed USB as I had problems with
watchdog timeouts with the bge driver when I first upgraded to the D915GAV
MB ages ago. The bge also shared interrupt with USB.

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