On Jun 21, 2007, at 1:31 AM, Dennis Melentyev wrote:
> While I haven't seen any problem with patch itself since it just
> adding a _useful_ knob, I personaly managed to use procmail to filter
> most of that SPAM. My solution is not as CPU friendly as patch but
> 2000 messages is not an ultimate load for modern comps.

Of course not. The trouble is properly writing a script that will
recognize normal and not-normal output for thousands of different
scripts. And dealing with any failures in that extra script.

In short, this solution adds complexity without any improvement over
the patch.

I've been using this patch for 2 years now. Or, this patch for a
year and a not-as-good patch I made a year before that. We push out
the revised periodic script using cfengine. But I hate overwriting
OS files, and I believe that most people want this behavior.

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