Xazker Xazkerov wrote:
> Recently I've deleted some packages on my server, those packages
> was installed on It at 21.06.07(DATE) by mistake. What to learn
> exactly which packages was installed on system, I used command "ls
> -la /var/db/pkg|grep "Jun 21" ".

I'm afraid that was a mistake. When you install a package,
sometimes new files are written to thesubdirectories of
other packages in order to record dependencies. The time
of those directories are also updated. If you deleted them
all, then you probably deleted too many.

To fix that, review the list of deleted packages (if you
don't remember it, then try to look for the pkg_delete
commands in your shell's history). Install any that might
be still needed.

> After it I've deleted those packages by "pkg_delete" command. Firstly
> it seemed all OK, but later I have collided with such problems:
> $ sudo tcpdump
> /libexec/ld-elf.so.1: /lib/libpcap.so.4: Shared object has no run-time symbol table

That's strange, because /lib/libpcap.so.4 is part of the
FreeBSD base system. It doesn't come from any package.

It seems that something else was also broken inadvertently,
apart from the package deletions. What time stamp does
that library have? You might have to reinstall that file
from installation media (CD, FTP server or similar). Or,
if you have the system sources installed, you can rebuild
and install that library in /usr/src/lib/libpcap:

# cd /usr/src/lib/libpcap
# make clean depend all install

> Except for that, when I was trying to build hping, I've got such error:
> [...]
> /usr/lib/libpcap.so: file not recognized: Memory exhausted

That's probably caused by the same thing.

> I am very sorry for my cRoOKeD English.

You're perfectly comprehendible. I think your English is
not worse than mine. :-)

Best regards

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