Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> Oliver Fromme wrote:
> > Artem Kuchin wrote:
> > > Also, i use inode time because i only need files
> > > which really have been changed. For example,
> > > i you restore a file from a month ago it will have
> > > a date which is a month ago. Then that backup
> > > is destroyed but this file would not be backed up
> > > because the date is too much in the past. So, we
> > > loose the file. If i used inode change time the file
> > > will be backup in any case. However, some
> > > "stupid" programs like mysql or qmail seem to
> > > touch files so,

> >
> > Pretty much _any_ operation on a file (except reading it)
> > will update the ctime of the inode. So I'm not surprised
> > that the ctime of database files and mail files gets
> > updated often.

> I was uncertain what & when changed st_ctime st_atime st_mtime
> when I had to use SCO (ugh!) in 1990, as well as BSD. Not enough source
> then & there, & manuals were insufficient, so to observe, I wrote
> http://berklix.com/~jhs/src/bsd/jhs/bin/public/statv/
> More tools since, but might still be handy.

Well, this is FreeBSD in 2007. :-)

All syscalls that change st_{a,m,c,birth}time should be
documented in the stat(2) manpage. I think that those
enumerations in the manpage are complete, but if someone
finds something that's missing there, then he should
file a PR to fix that bug.

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