I have found what I believe is a "bug" in installworld for FreeBSD
6.2. I do not believe this was in 6.1 as I would have encountered
the same problem there. I run a number of production servers. I
maintain the source on one development machine where it is built and
tested. To upgrade a production server I NIS mount /usr/src and /usr/
obj then run the commands per UPDATING. The problem occurs now
because my development machine has /usr on a slice on the same disk
as /. However, /usr/obj is a soft link to /usr2 which is a separate
drive. There was not enough space on the primary drive for
everything and I really don't need to backup /usr/obj as it can
easily be rebuilt.

During make installworld when it gets to the /boot section I get an
error that it cannot make a library in /usr2/obj/src..... Everything
quits at that point. My production machines do not have a /usr2
filesystem. In order to get installworld to work I had to add a soft
link on the production server of /usr2 pointing to /usr. Then
installworld completed properly. I don't believe that link should be

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