On Feb 5 at 08:35, Erik Norgaard wondered out loud:

> Mike Hauber wrote:
>> Fact is, the cats out of the bag, and I have yet to meet a cat that likes
>> bags.

> I went on radio some years ago, now I realize that the radiowaves are about
> to hit alien civilizations. In order not to embaras my self or the entire
> human race, I'd like to have those radio waves back - now! I want to revoke
> any permission - implicit or explicit - for my radio broadcast to be archived
> with the cosmic background radiation.

/me puts on his aluminum foil hat. (Purely as a safety precaution while
in the supermarket, because that's a known hot spot for alien probe

> This is getting rediculously off topic :-) Now where did I put the cat? - can
> I tell if it is dead or alive if I don't know where it is?

Open a can of tuna. You will instantaeously discover the whereabouts of
said feline. Even if it was dead at the time, it will revive itself in
order to raid your yummy tuna. Then again, that's one of many reasons
why cats have eleven lives (the rumor that they have nine lives is
false. It was started on a forum, and the attempted copyright grab is
now contested in the International Feline Court in BoraBora)

I've been channeling Kenneth Parr, you are actually Peter Cook and I
claim my $5.00. Thank you and good night.

Warm Regards,

Montezuma S. Revenge
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