Tom Evans wrote:

> wpi driver? If you're very very lucky. I've been trying P4 snapshots of
> the wpi driver weekly and have had no success (I should probably send in
> details of this...) Apparently it works for some, and not for others. It
> isn't in current for sure. I have a script that can pull the latest dev.
> versions from perforce if you would like to try it. If wifi is important
> to you, you're probably better off trying to get them to supply it with
> an atheros based card, or replace it with one, as even if the wpi driver
> worked, it wont work as well as an ath, the benefits of open
> documentation.
> 1440x900 would be the widescreen equiv. of 1400x1050, which works 'ok'
> on my GMA 950 based graphics. It only works 'ok' because most laptop
> manufacturers don't bother to fix the video BIOS to add the correct
> modes for the panel they attach to it. I can use an app called
> 915resolution (in ports) to set the correct modes, and then X works
> perfectly. I don't know whether it will also work with GMA X3100, or
> even whether Dell ship dodgy video BIOS - HP did :/

Hmm unfortunately the Dell configuration thingy only allows choosing
from a Dell Wireless Card 1505 , Intel 3945ABG Wireless Card ( default
) or a Intel 4965AGN Wireless Card. From what I've read I'm guessing my
best bet would be the 3945ABG. If the wpi driver won't do the trick I
can try using ndiswrapper ( which is in the list of confirmed cards on
the ndiswrapper site ) or replace it myself with an ath supported card.

Thanks for your input; Regards,

-Frank Staals

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